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Remaster Fallout: New Vegas on next generation gaming system.


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D.C. Area ... that's so weird, I hope they let you wear flip-flops in public.  :unsure:




I would totally play that game, too. 


I would too!  

Also, flip-flops aren't great when the floor is covered in that cold white stuff. It makes your feet turn blue, then purple, then toes start falling off.. or so I hear. 


Not convinced that the W2 engine would make for compelling solo-protagonist gameplay.


The engine doesn't make the game. Assuming modding tools are decent, you can dictate game logic/ability usage/etc. I'm sure someone smarter than I could make it work.

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Sure, but I'm thinking more in the eventuality that the whole combat subgame, clearly designed around having a party, would have to be overhauled. Something much less likely to be covered by modding tools. Of course, I might be completely wrong and W2 might be perfectly fun as a solo ranger - anyone tried?


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You have fully fleshed out companions, but you can only take one with you at a time.

2 if you count the robot or the dog. Does Wasteland allow a permanent non-human companion?

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I assume that engine can't handle mult-core processors that well, and would almost need a remastering to be able to run well enough on them - assuming good emulation doesn't exist. Doesn't FO3 have the biggest problems with that?

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Fallout 4 is going to be announced at E3 this June - bank on it. So we'd rather see Obsidian do a new game based of FO4 than waste time and money retooling something that's only a few years old anyway.

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New Vegas with new visuals altogether would honestly be something I could get behind -- The game is starting to wear out in terms of looks and I'd like to get back into it without having to download tons of mods :)

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I think Obsidian should make with fallout the same way it made with Baldurs Gate by Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian should make new title like "Wastelands of the aftermath" or something and make a game as it see fit. New Vegas is worse then Fallout 2 at it's RPG core, and maybe Bethesda is the main reason of it. Obsidian should make games for us for our money, and Bethesda doesn't fit in this process, the one good thing it can make is to go bunkrupt and sell fallout title to Obsidian. Bethesda can not make a good RPG (see first 3D Fallout), it also seeks to keep it's money from Obsidian (judjing by situation with New Vegas). So I think that Bethesda should be ignored, and resources should not be wasted by interacting with it.


P.S. Really even now I do see some core RPG elements reawakening in Pillars, which were not existed in New Vegas. I donot remember if it was possible to attack anyone at will in new vegas, but I do remember that when I refused to submit to Caesar in his face, I was not attacked, which was quite unnatural.

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I'd like Obsidian tackle a serious hard science fiction RPG. Maybe something like Mass Effect with less space elves and space orcs, definitely less romances and also a storyline that doesn't degenerate into an epic quest to save the universe and choosing between three buttons in the end.

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Actually, PC's are devying the "Generations"...


That's just how we roll ;)

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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