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My old school solid UI mock-up for Pillars of Eternity

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We've got some custom bottom bars made by a forum member here for the next version of the IE mod whenever that comes out (either after the next patch, or after release). They look better than Obsidian's default Solid UI.

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Really nice. Keep up the good work! :bow: 

Will there be any UI mod ready for release and if so, where can I get it?



Implementing this type of UI will require extensive work and there is no one to do it.

  After my realization that White March has the same XP reward problem, I don't even have the drive to launch game anymore because I hated so much reaching Twin Elms with a level cap in vanilla PoE that I don't wish to relive that experience.

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So, what's the solid UI in the latest build.


I still say instead of the icons above the sets (don't need them, really) you can pretty much fit all buttons from the right, and make the most left-one formations and have the other button act as the different formations, nuking the right side into a nice L-shape.


But apparently, I'm weird like that.


EDIT: But good to see this thread still going strong...

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