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Calisca... Kalista? Coincedence... or inspiration?

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I play League of Legends a bit, and a new champion came out recently, Kalista.

I know that Riot and Obsidian has a door to door office.

Kalista's character is all about vengeance, and she's a soul-type-like being. She uses Spears.


Calisca, is a human Fighter from the Living Lands (Starter Gear: Spear).

Calisca presumably dies by the "device"/even early in the game.


My speculation: Riot employees having getting a glimpse or even discussed some of the Lore with Obsidian, and they created Kalista based on Calisca's later-game appearance, where she might enter the stage to act out vengeance to the party/main character/Watcher.

This might be far-fetched speculation, but there's lots of coincedences I feel. Name, weapon, and even her soul-like appearance can be briefly compared with Soul lore of Pillars of Eternity (or Soul creatures, such as the Cean Gula, sp?, for instance), and it could be a potential outcome of the device thing early in the game; I.E. Calisca (PoE) appearing as a mid-boss or side-boss later in the game as a Soul-Being.

Is Kalista/Calisca a "Hint" of what might happen in Pillars of Eternity? Or is it merely an accidental and unintentional coincedence?

Or did Calisca's soul disappear from Pillars of Eternity, and her Spear of Vengeance (<- Kalista's title) reborn in League of Legends? :p

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Random Fantasy Name Generator is still in beta.

Calista is an actual name real people have. (Yes, yes, this starts with a K.)


Correct. Also the bolded is so inconsequential, it makes no difference. :) Like if Calista with C exists it more than likely will/can also exist with a K.

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Sorry! I recalled from memory, I must've misinterpreted it as closer than what it is.

Maybe you were thinking of Blizzard?

"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

"P-O-T-A-T-O-E" - Dan Quayle

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