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[364] Choosing new color palettes in the inventory screen bigger than portrait size



[Description:] The Color palette in the inventory screen, which you can click to change your characters minor and major colors, opens up a palette in the place where the character's portrait is located. After the new set of colors added to the palette, the palette is too large for the portrait size and some of the colors at the bottom of the palette cannot be chosen.


[steps to recreate:]

1- Open character inventory.

2- On the top left and right of the 3d model, you will see two color boxes that can be clicked. When you click on either one, a palette will replace the portrait on the left. Click on these colors.

3- You will see that the color palettes are bigger than the size of the portrait.

4- Notice that you cannot select the colors from the bottom of the palette as they are below the portrait box.


[What should happen:] The palette should fix within the portrait box and all colors should be selectable. This is most easily done by shrinking the size of the color boxes in the palette.

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Yeah this is because they added more colors in the new version. They will probably need to shrink it / rework the inventory UI.


Shrinking 2D stuff in NGUI always seems to look terrible though ;_;

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