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[364] Can't finish Cat & Mouse task



There appears to be a few sequence related issues to this quest/task.


-Decided to not talk to Medreth first.


-Talked to Nyfre at the Inn instead.


-Going back to Medreth, you can say "I know where Nyfre is hiding" but there is no attack option, or option to say "screw you Medreth, I'm working with Nyfre instead" at this node (I believe you probably have to go back to Nyfre again and talk with her a second time). There should in my opinion be such an option there at this point.


-I decided to attack Medreth's party manually instead, and wiped them out. But when going back to Nyfre, there is no option to say that Medreth is dead, so the quest (probably) broke when I attacked Medreth's party manually.

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