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Mishandled development

Obsidian development priorities failure

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This game is a spirituel successor to games with much more than 6 classes, and additional classes were even stretch goals... Which means that your 4 million dollars are earmarked for, among other things, more than 6 classes.


But couldn't it be argued that if the game offered only 6 classes, but allowed for a lot of flexibility within those classes, whether through kits or whatever, that it could be as good or better than having more classes in general to choose from?

I haven't played the beta, but based on the forums, it appears there's a bunch of fuss going on about the Fighter and Rogue and how they are too inflexible. Apparently Fighter's are designed with a core purpose in mind - holding the line and taking on a more defensive roll. What if I wanted to make a Fighter that specializes in crossbows or dual-wields for a more dps approach? Are these viable or even possible choices in the current game, and if they're not, what if they were? I just built an xbow Fighter in BG2 last night, and so far, he's really fun to play. Will it be practical or even possible to do this in PoE?



I built a DPS oriented fighter using an arquebus and he does huge damage.  The system is a bit more complicated in how you build characters and more talents to help specialize would be a benefit, but its very possible to build a solid dps fighter right now.  It can't do as much damage as a rogue at the moment, but that has more to do with the rogue being OP because of damage multipliers.  Once they adjust the classes a bit, a ranged fighter should be no problem.

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