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[v278] Corpses appearing just after loading game



[Description of the issue]


Corpses appearing just after loading game with the "Continue" option, the game is paused and a certain number of corpses (can't recognise who they were: maybe my old party? I recall my previous game party having these armors) lies near the starting location. After unpausing the game, the corpses disappear.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


-Start a game;


-Exit the game to windows;

-Start PoE and select "Continue"

-Notice the corpses near the party;

-Unpause the game;

-Notice the corpses disappearing.


[Expected behaviour]


No corpses should appear while continue a saved game.


[Other remarks / Comments]


I haven't tried to "Load" instead of "Continue" so I can't tell if the same thing will happens while doing so.

I'll attach my current character and my previous character saves to let you see if it is related (see [Description] )




Before unpausing:




After unpausing:







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Hello Metalloman,


Nice discovery! Thank you for the feedback and for providing clear information with screenshots. I have added this issue to our database and will also add it to our known issues list.


Thanks for the support during the backer beta!  :thumbsup:

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