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To my great wonder and surprise, I saw the announcement that Pre-orders are now available for Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition! I completely expected this to be redone by Obsidian after the release of Pillars, but it looks like the same guys who put out the Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 have the rights to do this version too with a host of new stuff similar to the EE they've already released. I'll admit, I was totally caught by surprise, but I'm sure to pick this up when it comes out in the near future. It's going to be $19.99 for all the similar platforms as the other EE versions and will include quick loot bar from BG 2 EE and over 40 classes and new content that was cut from the original game that's been finished. Learn more here, http://www.icewinddale.com/


PS I didn't see an off topic section to post this, so if a mod needs to move it to the appropriate section please do so.

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