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PrimeJunta's BB v257 summary

feedback summary review

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@ PrimeJunta

Sorry i finally got around to reading the reply because of all the work i've had in the past week, i just want to clarify some of the points.


Yeah i know they can engage 3 enemies at once, but that would require them to come at you in a straight line.

I've seen that there are some ambushes in the beta where you get surrounded by ghosts, you have a lot of difficulty getting the attackers off of your party members, with just your fighters.


If it was just bugs then i would understand that it's just beta, however the combat is pretty much copying NWN2 fighting, so you can tell in what direction they want to go. And i never liked combat in that game, where combat was static and your main focus on melee was pressing abilities buttons, for the occasional effect like knockdown. Even though fighters in IE games didn't have many abilities, you would still spend nearly 80% of the time on them, repositioning them to engage the correct enemies and running out of fire.

Sure you can take it too far and cheese in IE games with running around, but think it still beats being punished for every movement you make. I would prefer even turn based over this, since in most of the games you can actually move around turn per turn.



@Mayama Well, like i said CC is just a spell, you could do that in BG as well with a mage/priest/druid.


But it doesn't matter, it is what it is, if you guys like it, then go for it.

I'm off

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