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The case against Interrupt.

Interrupt Combat Perception PER Concentration Resolve RES

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Did they?  I would've sworn my mages never got interrupted so long as I kept Stoneskin up.  And that I went for the Flail of Ages partially to get past Stoneskin and have a chance at interrupting, for that matter.


Obviously it's not that important, but I might fire it up later and play around for curiosity's sake.


Stoneskin stops attack as whole, so it don't cause any effects.



 Elemental damage still leaked through stoneskin and could cause interrupts even if the main attack did no damage (due to stoneskin).



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IMO remove it from attributes or just make it a minor thing as a secondary effect of an attribute rather than the sole combat stat assigned to an attribute.

Agreed, not sure why they removed defense from stats and put it on something like this...tis very silly.

Leave interrupts for talent/skills used in combat rather than per hit...this isn't dark souls and we see nothing like a poise system in place.

Also makes no sense that armor isn't taken into account for determining interrupts but weapons have interrupt values?

Well that's not strictly true - RES is our Poise. But of course in the current build armor doesn't contribute to "Poise" (which is probably part of the problem). I'd be happy with interrupt resistance being tied to armor instead, tbh.



Interrupt being from armor is the ONLY thing that makes sense here and there needs to be a stat to AVOID getting hit...maybe have a tiny bit of interrupt reduction from RES....a TINY bit.

EDIT: I personally don't' think it should be in the game at all but my idea is a worst case if it has to be in  the game type of scenario.

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