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No portrait for Ocean Folk?

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Since at this point, we are just waiting for the game to come out...

And at this point, I am just shooting the bull here, so Kaz, please don't take this too seriously. 


Regarding the SD portraits, I actually like the one on the left more. 

The face has a leaner look to it. The eyes look more alert. There's more of a gradient background. 


The right portrait has a more contemplative feel to it. The eyes are looking to the side. 

The face has a more weathered look to it. 

I also think the lighting on the cheekbones is little bit more off compared to the one on the left. Maybe a little bit too much color on the nose. 

But the shadowing on the forehead is better than the earlier version. 

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We don't know who did the touch up to the portrait, but we believe that it was re-done at the request of Steven Dengler, who would of course, have to be satisfied with his portrait.


I also prefer the left one, and I think we have the files saved somewhere (I think Infinitron has the sources) so they can be used in the game.

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