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[Bug] Stone Head Speaking When It Shouldn't and Possible Audio Bug



[Description of the issue]

Upon reentering the ruins beneath Stormwall Gorge, a loud crashing audio sound plays and the stone head asks you to approach and speak despite the player no longer being able to interact with it.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Load linked savegame.

2) Move party to ruin exit and transition to Stormwall Gorge.

3) Transition back into the ruins.

4) Note loud crashing sound.

5) Note the following in log from stone head: "Approach and speak your will" and "Approach and make yourself known to me."

6) Note that you can not interact with the stone head.


[Expected behavior]

The stone head should not ask you to speak with it upon returning to the ruin. I also think that the loud audio sound playing each time you enter may be in error, though I'm not completely sure about that.





DxDiag Attached


"Forsooth, methinks you are no ordinary talking chicken!"

-Protagonist, Baldur's Gate

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