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I'm at standstill? No quests completed? No more areas?

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**I will highlight questions for easy reply**


According to my steam client I have put in at least 5hrs of PoE Beta and I might be at my ends of the rope here.


First off here are the areas I have found:


Dryford Village

Dryford Crossing>Cave>Dryford Ruins

Stormwall Gorge>Lle a Rhemen


So thats 6 places. Are there more? Aside from the Dryford Ruins I have cleared out all other areas.


Upon entering the village I went nuts and accepted every quest imaginable. Like finding some bandit inside the Inn; and trying to locate the missing daughter; and "who ate my pigs"?


Well I found the bandit inside the Inn; told her to slip away, went back and I got attacked. Quest didnt complete.

I found the Ogre who supposedly is holding the missing daughter but he said he never saw her; asked about the pigs and eventually he just attacked me.


Is anyone getting quests completed? Mine isnt.


**edit (and yes after killing the ogre and basically wiping away the maps; I have revisited each NPC to see if their Dialogue will update; allowing me to further the quest tracker)**


So I had lockpicks in my inventory but it wasnt working while in game but I came to the forums and apparently what I need to do is to read the combat log for the Lockpick Message. I may be shy on my skills or lacking of lockpicks.

I ask about the lockpicks because after fighting some NPCs next to the Inn theres a locked door; I cannot enter. Then I descended into the Dryford Ruins and almost each door is locked and I cannot proceed whatsoever. Needless to say 3 characters were 100% stuck; I've even saved twice; loaded twice and nothing. I used a Fighter and the Wizard to clear out enemies checked all corpses and loot and nothing was about a key to the big doorway (or doors).


So aside from wiping out Dryford Ruins; is there another sub basement or another location hidden within??


Inventory/Looting. Well I might need to read the forums again but I just dont understand looting corpses. I mean if I have my whole party selected and my main character has nothing but 1 GrappleHook in inventory and I go loot a corpse and choose the "take all" why wont he loot? What is it with each character and numbers on their portraits. At first Im thinking its number of slots available for looting 7 means 7 slots and 2 means 2 slots left. But yet if I select myself which has 7 slots; why cant I pick up the loot?

I only came across 1 Camping Gear

Crafting? HA; I think I'm still missing ingredients which I cant seem to find. I've bought from the Alchemist/Weapon Store but havent crafted a single item :(


I think aside from hiring an adventurer to test out; and creating a new class to try out, I may just start from scratch (regarding title of thread here) ?


At first I couldnt figure out why when I *supposedly die* and rest of party is full health do I get a "You must load a save/party died" error. But it finally occured to me.....way back in Baldurs Gate 2 if my Heroic Main Character dies, everyone basically dies LOL.


Sometimes though its hard to tell if you're really dead or just knocked down :(

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