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Combat readability analysis - graphics


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Thanks for the reply Adam. Good to know it's all fixable before release!


Character models looked much better in the outdoors indeed.



Also in the second screenshot the party is in stealth,


Oops, my bad. I was quickly scrolling over the video to take one of two screens.


Should I take some more?

Here you go 




Hopefully the Wurms are not in stealth mode either  :devil:

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I noticed in the recent Pax video the color of damage in the video looks to be red with a black stroke around it. Would it be at all possible to change the red to include a lighter shade of red either as a gradient on the edge, or as a stroke to assist in the contrast popping out to more easily read against the background. Or, maybe that's an option we can mod in post release?

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Also, I thought of an easy solution to the circles under the feet for readability. All ya need to do is add a second circle around the first as long as it's a little big bigger or smaller than the other circle. That negative space inside the two circles creates a strong contrast of where the target is located and it won't matter so much what colors are being used.

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Another huge issue which still hasn't been addressed is the overwhelming spell effects.


When the poor visibility of units in the game practically DEMANDS that you identify them in combat via selection circles and engagement indicators, it's very dissapointing when even those are blocked by spell effects.


Is this being worked on Obsidian? Can we expect visibility improvements and spell effect tone downs post release?


Edit: Just figured out what's going on. The lighting layer applied to the grass is blocking out the selection and targetting circles. Perhaps these changes will fix this:


1) Ensure selection/targeting/engagment UI is ALWAYS sorted above other effects.


2) Apply a dark edge to UI elements to make them stand out even when surrounded by similar colours.


3) tone DOWN the spell effects and lighting FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Using spells should be fun and beneficial, not confusing and frustrating!


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