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Wrong stat calculations?



So I wanted to try and make a "useless" combat character and see how well it would do in combat. But what I found out was that my main has a lot more health than she should have. I don't know if im bad at calculating it but it seems to be very wrong. Haven't done other calculations but will trie to look at it later today.


Hope this is the right place to post it.


My Main Cipher



The BB Rogue


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[Description of the issue]

So I went through all the classes and looked at the starting stamina/health and found out that all classes have the same stamina/health levels. I tried it with a human meadow folk on all classes. With a constitution of 3 (+6% stamina and health) the health levels goes like this:

lvl 1 - 51 health

lvl 2 - 68

lvl 3 - 85

lvl 4 - 102

lvl 5 - 119


The only exception is the ranger that skips adding extra health between lvl 2 and 3 (so they end on a total of 102).

The same problem presents itself if you max out con of 18 (+36% stamina and health):

lvl 1 - 65

lvl 2 - 87

lvl 3 - 109

lvl 4 - 131

lvl 5 - 152


I have experimented with a con of 10 (+20%) and the first two levels seems to fit with each of the classes health/stamina stats, but then starts to increases in size at lvl 3.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1. Enter character creation.

2. pick race and class.

3. Note the classes health/stamina base (low/average/high).

4. Finish character creation.

3. See if starting stamina/health is consistent with base + con.

5. Level up and at each level note down stamina/health.

6. See if it matches the base for the class.


[Expected behaviour]

That stamina and health would follow each class and its base description.


[Other remarks / Comments]

Huge impact on testing classes and their balancing if you can just dump con completely.



Computer Build:

Asus P7P55-M

Intel Core i7 860 @ 2800


Nividia GTX 670

Windows 7 ultimate

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Hello Ninjaen,


Nice catch and thank you very much for your posting. I will look further into this issue and make sure that it reaches the programmers.


I hope you continue to enjoy the backer beta and thank you for your support!  :grin:

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