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Memory Leak on Game Load (Quick and Normal)



NOTE: The forum prevents me from uploading a .7z file, so I have changed the extension to .bmp. If you want to look at the crash dump, change the extension back to .7z.


[Description of the issue]

Loading of saved games, both normal and quick, results in a memory leak that will eventually cause a crash.


[steps to Reproduce]

  1. Start a new game, default character, default settings. Resolution for me is 2560x1440.
  2. Save/quicksave the game as soon as it is loaded. Note the memory usage in Task Manager (or Process Explorer).
  3. Repeatedly load/quickload the game, noting how the memory footprint increases by 80 to 120 MB per load (more or less). The first load is usually a large jump in memory footprint.
  4. After around 15 loads (around 3400 MB total memory footprint) the game will no longer quicksave. The quicksave button will cause the shadows to shift, but nothing else.
  5. On the 16th load, the game fails to load and generates a crash dump (see attached file).


[Expected Behaviour]

Loading should use a constant amount of memory.


[Other Remarks / Comments]

Saving seems to have no affect on the memory footprint.

Quitting to the main menu and loading a game from there does not reduce the memory footprint.


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