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'Steam Family Sharing' Beta-access with other Backers and cross-platform?


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as a passionate Linux user i have to wait 'a few weeks' until i can play the beta. Luckily i have other stuff to do at the moment, so there is little time to get jealous over the Windows beta  :yes:


Well, Steam seems to have this 'Library Sharing' feature for sharing games with family and friends. And i also know this fellow Backer who would test the Beta on Windows - and a little later on, when the Linux Beta goes live, i really would like to help find and fix Bugs in the Linux version of the game. Would it work to share my  Beta-access via Steam, and would it work cross-platform? And what do the developers think of this? 


I am also really interested in the Linux and Mac part of the development process. Will the devs share details on this? Maybe in an update or in the documentary? (Train of thought is: does Unity do all the cross-platform work? If yes, why the delayed Linux&Mac Beta? If no, what are the encountered problems? Will those problems lead to Linux/Mac specific bugs? Yay, more testing needed on the platforms with smaller userbase!)



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