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Wizard Character Creation (Spell info lacking)

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So, I've decided to create a Wizard now and game asks me - what spells do you want? 

Description of spells is REALLY noninformative, no range, no damage, nothing. 

Let's say... Jolting touch. Is it ranged attack or melee attack as it could be logically implied? Eldritch Aim... for short period... short period is? 1 round? 5 rounds? 1 minute? 1 attack? M. Minor Missiles. Same here. Range? Approximate damage?


How can I choose spells without actual knowledge how they behave ingame? In comparison, when I create my character in Divinity: Original Sin, I recieve full information on all possible spells/abilities. If I start new game in BG2:EE, I also have full description of all spells that I can choose.


Definitely MUST BE fixed.

No to experimentation!

No to fixing that is not broken!

No to changes for the sake of change!

Do not forget basis of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment. Just put all your effort to story, fine-tuning and quality control.

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