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Spell Grimoire UI feedback

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I'm excited to cast spells in PoE, but it took me a moment to figure out the Spell Grimiore. The UI could be maybe a bit more intuitive.


Some observations about this screen:


  • Clicking the spell-tier buttons on the right page affects what's displayed on the left page. I expected these buttons to affect what appeared to the right of them on the same (right) page.
  • The top of the left page simply says "known spells", and I didn't even notice the "1st level" or "2nd level" specifier on the bottom. Users aren't  trained to look for titles/descriptions in the bottom pane.
  • UI text on right page, "In Grimoire" didn't make sense to me...I'm already in the grimoire.
    • This screen might be more intuitive if the spell tiers/options were shown outside of the book, and by selecting a spell you move it into the corresponding level page in your book. Or, rename "In Grimoire" to "Ready", "Memorized", something like that.
    • Better yet, have the grimoire represent the caster's known spells. Have page forward/back buttons to move among levels, rather than the un-book-like buttons currently on the right-hand page. Selecting a spell would move it into a separate "ready" or memorized" list, a la Baldur's Gate.
  • Right-clicking a spell to get details made sense in the limited-resolution days of Baldur's Gate, but it feels too static here. Mousing over a spell in the spell pool should be enough to yield a description of the spell. This is less important but I was a bit frustrated trying to get descriptions--a non-Infinity-Engine-veteran might get discouraged when clicking a choice (un)memorizies it rather than yield information. (This can be remedied by making the UI flow more intuitive as suggested above).

Thanks for reading, hope this feedback makes sense!

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