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Rogue gets Devastating Blow before Finishing Blow




When leveling up my rogue character, he gets the option to chose the talent "Devastating Blow" on level 3, which improves "Finishing Blow". However, he does not get "Finishing Blow" until level 4.



I would expect to gain the base talent first, before the improvement of said base talent.



1. Create a new rogue character in Backer Beta

2. Start game and level up twice


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Hey Samm, 


Thanks for pointing this out! We had recently changed when Rogues got access to certain skills and this had not been changed to reflect those updates. I went ahead and put this in the system.


Thanks again for your feedback, it's greatly appreciated!

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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