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Chanter UI copies or deletes sequences of chants, and editing does not work until game restart




[Description of the issue]

Chanter UI acts very erratically and gets worse the longer the game is open; restarting fixes it. Specifically, when creating a sequence of chants, clicking on any chant on the left hand side will create a copy of an existing sequence, rather than creating a new one. Or sometimes an existing sequence will be deleted and replaced with 4 sequences, all blank, on the right hand side.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Select Chanter PC (mine was a male amanua)

2) Open Chanter UI

3) Create new chant sequence (which for some reason is always called Sample Chant 2) - The chants I was using were, at level 1, the move speed chant, fire weapons chant, and damage aura chant; and at level 2, the fear chant. Bug occurred with any combination of these chants in any order).

4) Enter combat or run around for 3-5 minutes (the bug never seems to happen immediately upon starting the game)

5) Open Chanter UI again

6) Create a new chant sequence under the first one

7) The second chant sequence will become a copy of the first, and cannot be edited. Attempts to add or remove chants will cause it to revert to the copy.

8*) Sometimes when this happen, Chanter will become unable to chant at all, and the UI will say something like "sample chant 2 failed".


[Expected behaviour]

You should be able to edit chant sequences in the chant UI.

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