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Combat Bug - Rogue Unable to Attack after Using Finishing Blow



Problem: When my rogue attempts to use Finishing Blow, the attempt always fails and she is unable to attack afterword. Instead she constantly deactivates Finishing Blow in the log. Switching targets or walking around has no effect; she simply continues to be stuck activating and deactivating Finishing Blow


How to:

1. Start combat

2. Attack a foe

3. Attempt to use Finishing Blow on an enemy

4. Left click to attempt a normal attack upon an enemy


Expected Behavior:

Finishing Blow should do damage and the rogue should be able to attack afterword



If I attempt to use Crippling Strike, she succeeds in hobbling the enemy, but no damage. So she can still cause status effects, just not do a damaging attack. 


Screenshot of problem:


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