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Buffs display :
1. Engage in combat, buffs stay on.
2. save, load
3. BB Wizard Attack and the like are shown as white squares (Defender was fine)

Stop Characters (shortcut x) fails while in pause :
1. pause
2. select everyone + order to move
3. press x to stop the group
4. only some (if any) members' moving position will disapear.
if unpause, the other ones will keep moving

Enchant interface while trading fails to render (pic 01)
1. talk to a vendor
2. right click on an item
3. Click Enchant
4. the enchant ui borders only will appear

item disappearance
1. found a bow
2. gave it to BB Rogue to replace his equiped one
3. move BB Rogue's bow to his inventory
4. equiped bow disappeared


Item prices at vendors
1 choose an item : pic 02 (fine hide armor : 300cp)
2 click on an item to move it at the bottom : pic 03 (fine hide armor now at 3200cp)
3 cancel the item to move it back in the list : pic 04 (fine hide armor now at 4800cp)

price listed at the bottom center (total) was the price shown after back in the list (4800cp)
ex 2 : hammer and chisel pics 05+06 (75 in list, 50 in tooltip when at the bottom+75 in the total price, 75 when back in the list)

Duplicate rendering of characters and environement : pic 07
couldn't replicate but append 2 times, in the inn first floor and Tygil's Curriery probably due to the locked doors


Attack interaction with doors
1. click on the blade icon at the bottom
2. click on a door
3. blade icon stay on the mouse but behave as moving/interact
4. click once again on the blade icon, click on the floor to get back the moving icon

Gained an item, not in inventory/stach/treasure items (Skaenbone below Tygil's Curriery)


windows 8.1 64B

I5 3470, Ram 16G, AMD 7950








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Hey Rando, thanks for all of the documented bugs. However, in the future could you try and make separate posts for each one? It's easier for us to respond that way. Anyway, here is the status for the issues you wrote about.

Buffs Display - Reported and being worked on

Stop Characters - Newly found and is now reported

Enchant Interface - Should be fixed and is being ironed out

Item Disappearance - Reported as high priority and being worked on

Item Prices - Reported and should be fixed for the next update

Duplicate Rendering - Actually a problem that save/load makes the mouse scroll wheel only scale 2d renders and not the 3d models; reported and should be fixed for the next update

Interaction with Doors - Reported and being worked on

Nice finds there! We're working really hard on squashing all those bugs. :bat:

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