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Boar companion next to Medreth respawn glitch



Boar companion next to Merdreth will respawn every time you enter/exit a building. There's also other clutter/loot that spawns next to the Medreth's crew


To reproduce

1) Create game. Character/class doesn't matter.

2) Enter Church North of party, on your way there you'll see one Boar Companion next to the Cowled Woman in Medreth's crew.

3) Exit Church

4) Move close to Merderth's crew, see that there is now 2 Boar Companions instead of one.

5) Also notice the new clutter that spawned on the ground

6) Repeatedly entering/exiting location will spaw new Companion Boar, and possibly other clutter/loot on the ground.


Expected behaviour

There should only be one boar next to Medreth after entering/exiting buildings. Likewise there shouldn't be any clutter/loot on the ground.

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I have noted that the item spawned has been the same twice for me as I have reproduced this:

*Missing string*
12-20 Pierce Damage
Speed: Average

The first time I played a Leather Armor also spawned (equipping it showed a naked model though).

EDIT: The "Loot" spawned becomes a "Container", like a Barrel but with the item loot icon on the map. Picking up the *Missing string* item gives it +4-+4 damage (16-24 Pierce Damage). It sells for 0cp.

On the Encounter with Medreth (If siding in favor of Nyfre):

I think there should be a Dialogue Trigger somewhere on the edge of the bridge (after you've talked to Nyfre), on the Church side (closest to Medreth). This will give the Player more room to device a strategy against the Medreth group.

In a later build, the Player could even use the bridge as a tactical object/position to defend against Medreth.

Something like "Ah, you're back. How did it go?" or similar as you approach instead of boxing yourself in with one character when talking to Medreth to turn in the quest.


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Hey all, yes, this is an issue where every time you transition back into Dyrford Village his boar will respawn created a duplicate. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a fix.


Thanks for the feedback, as always, it's really appreciated!

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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