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Various Found Bugs



Binding multiple commands to the same key/button will have both activate

1: Say you want to bind the camera to WASD.

2: If you do so by just modifying the camera bindings, the A key will both move the camera to the left AND toggle attack mode, since attack mode is, by default, bound to A.

3: In order to prevent this, you'll need to manually unbind keys if you want to put a command in it's place.


I'm of the mind that if you assign a key binding, if the key was already bound, its previous binding should be "deleted", preventing you from binding multiple different commands to a single key.


Main character "death" causes game over

1: Turn off "death" in the options menu if it's on

2: Go fight some stuff

3: Let your main charcter die, but keep the other members alive

4: You should get a game over screen, claiming that "the party has died."


Since I have death turned off in the options menu, I would think I shouldn't be getting this game over. If the intention is for the player to lose if their main character dies, regardless of whether "death" is turned on or not, I believe the wording should be changed to reflect that. "The party has died" is kind of a silly message to get when my character is the only one on the field that fell.

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That's the thing; my character didn't permanantly die. In the Game Options menu, the death option says "characters die permanately when their health reaches zero (Normal: characters are only Maimed at zero health.", and this game over was experience with the death option not checked. Is the PC the exception to this rule? If so, shouldn't that be listed on the option for clarity's sake?

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