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The Endless Mega dungeon

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We haven't heard about this endless mega dungeon in a while. The one that was introduce in the kickstarter stretch goals.  So is there any update to this? Is it even in the game?


It isn't an endless dungeon, it's NAME is "The Endless Paths of Od Nua". It is in the game and completed. There was even some detailed discussion about it in PC World and RPS, possibly others I won't bother googling for. A few facts:

-- Od Nua is designed so that the dungeon "out-levels" the XP gains, forcing you to leave and return later, several times until you reach the final level. Kind of a long, multi-part adventure that runs parallel to the main game.

-- The upper level(s) have some crit path content, but the vast majority of the content is optional. Dungeon crawling, ahoy!

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The dungeon is 15 levels deep and has been completed for quite some time. I believe the devs put the finishing touches on the Endless Paths back in March or so. So yes, it's in the game, and yes, it's like Durlag's Tower or Watcher's Keep, only much more massive. What Endrosz said is otherwise correct. 

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I'm a bit sceptical if this will make into the final game at least at first. Divinity Original Sin promised similar thing but they silently dropped it for latter or maybe never... ;(


That's a very good point, what was it called? The phantom forest or something similar...why did they not include it ?

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