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Clashing sensibilities

Levelling Screen UI  

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  1. 1. What style of levelling UI should be used?

    • Current full screen, zoomed in character model, painted background
    • Pop up levelling window consistent with other in-game UI

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I hate small pop-up windows that don't utilize the screen space available. It's not like anything's happening in the background while you're leveling up, so why not use the entire screen? I'd rather make all the rest of the windows take up the whole screen as well.


The up-close-and-personal character model is also used in inventory page, so it's nothing that clashes with the game's aesthetics. In IE games the paper doll was used in inventory page only, so isn't this an improvement towards more consistent aesthetics?

Have you never leveled up a character during combat?  I know I have during Icewind Dale (1 and 2) as well as Baldurs Gate(s)



It's not like the battle kept going, right? I'm kinda not understanding the point you're trying to make here...


On topic, I think the level up page looks fine :)

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