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Dear developers,

Please increase all GUI window sizes - less empty space on the screen is left unused - so you can accommodate bigger fonts.

I'm sure the ceiling above the developers heads would have cracked and lava filled fissures would have opened below their feet IF they increased all GUI window sizes so LARGER FONTS could have been accommodated ~ 2x current size.

Can't get it, why is it important to convey as little information as possible by constricted little windows and nigh unreadable little fonts?  Are the developers SHY of what they are writing so it is best left in small fonts so the fewer people can read it the better??

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I also have to wonder what's the fascination with small windows in middle of the screen. Why can't inventory, character record, bestiary etc. just take up the entire screen?


Frankly, I'm a little afraid all the UI elements have fixed pixel size and will look tiny on my 2560x1600 display - which I've had for about four years, so it's not exactly brand new tech. It's 2014, resolution independence should'be been figured out by now.

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Yeah, a scalable should by standard by now. 

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What about having it so the UI appears on screen when you hold down a UI button.This could be the same key as the pause button so game pauses and then allows you to pick and choose and then release button for clutter free image.You could also place all the UI elements in middle of screen and place mouse over them to allow for easy choosing of the choices.

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