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Difference between Almanac and Collector book

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The almanac gives background on the campaign setting; including maps, lore, history etc.,...


The collector's book gives background on the behind the scenes stuff of developing the game, e,g., concept art.

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I don't suppose it has been mentioned anywhere if the physical collector's book would be available separately at all? I get the digital version in my tier but you have to go up to the $250 tier to get a physical one and it's not in the addons you can buy :( would love the book but couldn't afford to go up that much higher!

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Very much doubt there will be a physical one as that was the mina reason to pledge $250, also I very much doubt there will be any changes to addon/pledges as they stop being sold on 22nd.


I would think there will be one standard pre order price then if they offer one.

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From the Kickstarter page:

"Strategy Guide = Tips and Tricks on how to play the game. Collector's Book = Art, Concepts, Making Of/Behind the Scenes, Monster Info, additional lore, and info on companions/characters

Almanac = All about the World - the History and Lore of the world of Project Eternity" EDIT: Don't know why it got all white in the background lol, excuse that

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