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I'm keen to know more about the game world. My understanding is that the setting will be detailed in the Campaign Almanac, which was included in some of the backer tiers and available as an add-on.


So as we are about a week away from the backer beta and in the final few months stretch before the full release, I'm wondering when we'll get a heads up as to when this will be made available for download?


This is certainly something that I'd like to devour before actually diving into the game and get immersed with all the lore and knowledge of what's going on in the world. I suppose the same question could be asked of MCA's novella as well.

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Awesome, had totally forgotten about the Almanac.Hopefully we'll have access to it before the game comes out, or i'll have to download the game through a 54k modem while i do some reading.


Ouch, just ... ouch.


Have a friend or relative (or non-tech-savvy neighbour with unsecured wifi) who you can mooch off of for a couple of hours?

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