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Does the dev team create a 3D version of each area as well as a 2D version

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Just saw this interview and at 0:42- 0:44 we see a level that looks very detailed(especially the house) for just collision purposes







sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't been on these forums for a while

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Hi Arcoss, not sure but I believe that in update #79 when Mr. Brennecke showed off some of the lighting and graphics effects they also revealed how 3d pathing was implemented. Pretty sure the backgrounds are pure 2D, while 3D pathing is created for the 3d player sprites(paperdolls) as an (invisible)overlay layer. During the graphics demonstration he pulled the camera back and swiveled it so he could show how it's implemented.


Was quite an interesting video, should be in the announcements forum friend. Cheers


Edit: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66254-update-79-graphics-and-rendering/ should be about 1:30 to 1:70ish on the video.

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It's like a really fancy snapshot of a 3D scene, at the specific "isometric" camera angle. Boom, now they're the backgrounds, but they're still basically 2D artwork in a 3D world.

Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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