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I've seen this before.

There's this too:
"<!-- This world wants to drag us down, it does. It made you a Watcher. No one asks for that. And the weight, that guilt they want to hang around my neck, you don't have to carry it one more step. You think they won't let you rest, but it's not up to them. It never was. -->"

To see it you have to "Inspect Element"/"Inspect Component" (don't know if that's the actual , my Chrome is in Swedish).

If you use chrome:

1. Simply right-click anywhere on the page (right-click on the "No sleep for the watcher" sentence for example~)
2. Pick the option at the bottom.
3. Expand the HTML code (<Body>) and it should pop up.

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It also shows their facebook page, and kerflufflesmarshmallows.com, haha. Various other links abound. :)

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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"Do you like me?"


If that green gem is actually Obsidian's superhero Green Shirt Girl's ... then the answer is yes.  :p




edit: ohmigosh there's an AD&D Dragonlance Adventures book on their FB photo page oh my god please make a digital game 

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All Stop. On Screen.

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Eeeeh what the heck...?

This is new to me (when hovering the mouse above it):
- "Need to capture game videos? FRAPS!" leads to http://www.fraps.com 

- "Do you like me?" leads to https://www.facebook.com/obsidian

- "KERFLUFFLEUPOGUS awaits... ready to devour the faithful." leads to https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/258321806916726787
- "Kerfluffles are delicious..." leads to http://kerflufflesmarshmallows.com/

- "The Obsidian Order of Eternity. Those guys and gals are awesome." leads to http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61817-the-obsidian-order-of-eternity-wants-you-part-6/*

- "Come say hi!" leads to http://forums.obsidian.net/forum/88-pillars-of-eternity-general-discussion-no-spoilers/

- "No sleep for the watcher..." leads to http://www.nosleepforthewatcher.com/


I recall most of these though, didn't know about fraps or the Obsidian forum links.


* Outdated: Order of Eternity thread is on Part 7 ;)


EDIT: Also, if your refresh the page 88 times (8 in numerology represents "infinity") you'll get something very special...




lolololol lolololol 



:p you might not understand it right now but here's an obvious *hint hint wink wink* font color code for you #1a1a1a

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