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As far as I can tell these are the only subraces we don't know the difference between so I figured I may as well ask.

Really minor detail is that boreal dwaves have epicanthic folds and mountain dwarves don't have them.


Ethnicity and culture are separate characteristics in the game.  Individual meadow folk can be from the Vailian Republics just as coastal aumaua can be from Aedyr.  The common-name descriptions of ethnicities don't restrict where they can be from.  Literally every ethnicity in our race document has a bit-by-bit description of what physical characteristics they have, including facial features, skin tones, hair colors (and textures), eye colors (and shapes), etc.  E.g., only savannah folk, pale elves, and boreal dwarves have epicanthic folds.  Of those, only boreal dwarves have them consistently.


There is also a quote from update 20, that could mean that mountain dwarves have dark skin. But more likely is that the quote only means the ocean humans.


Ethnic Vailians (humans and a small number of dwarves) have dark brown skin and tightly spiraled, dark brown hair. They most commonly have brown or black eyes, but occasionally have green, hazel, or grey eyes. Vailians pride themselves on their well-made and intricately-decorated clothing, often made with rare materials and dyes to which they have easy access.



Do we know the difference between aumaua subraces?

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I'm not certain we're aware of Dwarves attribute bonuses, and we're not sure what picking an ethnicity does mechanically yet either, but it doesn't change attribute bonuses according to the last known info.


You'll get some different reactions from people and dialogue options based on ethnicity and cultural background.

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Do we know the difference between aumaua subraces?

I could've sworn the wiki had more information but looking at it now it only says Islanders have Polynesian and Japanese elements to their clothes, whereas coastal aumaua don't.


I'm not certain we're aware of Dwarves attribute bonuses.

I didn't think we knew the attribute bonuses of any of the races (bar godlike). Knowing their attributes would be preferable but admittedly my original question was just in relation to lore.

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Boreal dwarves are eskimos.

using current real world, eskimos would be tundra, yes? so, taiga is... kanadian?  maybe have 'em wear funny toques and mispronounce words such as "about"-- sound like "a boot."


HA! Good Fun!


ps, yes we do know canada stretches into tundra

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