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Official C2B approved GDC Thread


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Something Something

It's Not in the Writer's Manual: A Q&A Session for New Writers
Chris Avellone | Creative Director, Obsidian Entertainment
Vander Caballero | Creative Director, Minority Media
Toiya Kristen Finley | Narrative Designer/Game Writer and Consultant, Schnoodle Media, LLC
Elizabeth LaPensee | Game Designer and Researcher, Independent
Jill Murray | Director of Narrative Design, Ubisoft
Jonathon Myers | CEO & Creative Director, Reactive Studios

Location: Room 3016, West Hall
Date: Tuesday, March 18
Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm
Format: Session
Track: Game Narrative Summit
Vault Recording: Video

How do newer writers fit into game design and narrative design teams? Are in-house jobs better than freelance work? Do film writers have advantages getting game writing work over novelists? Especially made for individuals with little experience and those seeking to break in, this session encourages participants to ask veteran writers and narrative designers questions that don't have definitive answers in manuals or on the web. Anyone who works with writers is also encouraged to attend. Whether it's finding the right job, leading writers and improving team dynamics, or establishing rates, no question about the business of game writing is off limits.
Attendees will be able to ask questions regarding their experiences in the industry. They may wish to become professional game writers or want insight into working with writers. Not all attendees ask questions, but the variety of responses and the ensuing conversations will benefit newer writers and narrative designers.

The Audio of South Park: Stick of Truth
Justin Bell | Audio Director, Obsidian Entertainment

Location: Room 3006, West Hall
Date: Thursday, March 20
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm
Format: Session
Track: AudioProduction
Vault Recording: Video

From a technical perspective, the practical needs of game audio differ fundamentally from linear television. What mattered most for South Park: The Stick of Truth however, wasn't where that line was drawn, but rather how well the line was blurred. This session will reveal the collaborative interaction with South Park Digital Studios as it pertained to audio, the insight gained from that interaction, and how those findings were used to overcome the unique challenges of making the sound design, music and voice over for South Park: The Stick of Truth feel like a game, and sound like the show.
Attendees will learn more about the strategies we at Obsidian used to translate the audio of an established, linear third-party IP into a unique, non-linear interactive experience.

Intended Audience
This talk is intended for sound designers, composers, designers and producers of all experience levels who currently work, or are preparing to work with a third-party IP. It's also for those who want to learn more about this topic in the event they do work on a similar project in the future.

And most important




Yeah that's about it. :)

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Have you started harrassing him about when the announcement might happen via twatter and other dedicated socialist media yet?

Perkele, tiädäksää tuanoini!

"It's easier to tolerate idiots if you do not consider them as stupid people, but exceptionally gifted monkeys."

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I think you need to read your own OP.  :biggrin:




Do you mean this


It's Not in the Writer's Manual: A Q&A Session for New Writers


If so, the only thing what I was confirming was, that the tweet isn't from that panel. Which wouldn't make sense time-wise. That's why I said Forget it afterwards. :)

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