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Collectibles lost and a suggestion

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I think it's absurd that if you lose some collectibles during the story then (when the story ends) there is no way to take them.


Anyway it would be nice if there was (maybe in a future dlc) a mode that allow you to fight with the bosses or with the various enemies that you meet during the game. Basically this is for who wants continuing to have fun when the story is finished and don't wants to start a new game immediately.


However the game is awesome!

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I'm kind of on the fence on this one. On one hand, yeah, it would be nice to go back and reexplore some of the areas missed.


On the other hand, it makes perfect sense why you cant. Breaking it down for a second, it is an RPG that heavily encourages exploration. Next, it's in the South Park universe. If the show is anything to go by, there's generally a huge mess, and then it gets put back to normal. I believe the same idea applies here in the game. While inconvenient, it makes sense.

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