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I started playing The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. I am not yet certain how much time I will spend in the game and there are grounds for criticism (ask Monte Carlo, who has a valid, understandable dislike for the game already).


But for those who are interested, and because having friends in the game increases the fun one can get out of it. Here is a post about what it is:


The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot


It is a hybrid game, combining building a la Dungeon Keeper, with action rpg killing of monsters and looting of loot (a la Torchlight etc (yeah not going to say Diablo :biggrin: ).


There are two parts to the game: Attacking and Defending.


Attacking is pretty straight forward:


you pick a castle to raid,




travel to it (using magic or something) and try to reach the treasure room,


dodging traps...



and killing monsters on your way....



The gold and life force you loot you then store in your own treasure room, in your own castle.

That brings us to the second part, defending:


You are the proud homeowner of one flying castle.



And just as you loot other people's castles, they can raid yours:



To prevent that, you fill your casle with...


traps of your own...



and monsters of your own...






All in an attempt to prevent would be thieves from reaching your Castle Heart (yeah... it's so not a Dungeon Heart...)




As you level up your castle, you gain access to more creatures, more traps...


more rooms...



upgraded creatures...



and a greater income



Once you have build a castle you like, you have to validate it by raiding it yourself


Once that is done, your castle goes public and is there for the community to enjoy.




So what is the downside?


The game is free to play with a cash shop.

Free? That is great!


And nobody forces you to buy XP-Boosts, Loot-Boosts etc for real cash. Or to unlock new heroes through real cash.

New heroes? Yes, as you start the game you can select one from a choice of three heroes: Mage, Knight, Archer. A fourth hero, the Roadie, is available through the cash store.

The gems (the currency bought through real cash) can slowly be earned in-game, so a lot of things may eventually be earnable just by playing... a lot ;)

That doesn't change the queasy feeling you may get when looking at the store an noticing the "ultimate pack" for a LOT of cash.


The other thing that can rub you the wrong way is the browser game style of logging in to have gotten raided repeatedly by random strangers while you were asleep.

Luckily, once you get looted (I read somewhere that the looter takes 20% of your stash), your castle is shielded from further looting for 12 hours or so.

That doesn't mean your ranking wont go down.

On the other hand: ranking? Who cares? The fun part is building a castle and hoepfully watching replays of people failing at raiding it :)


And it takes a while until you can unlock all the cool bits.


Oh and of course: Ubisoft :devil:




Who is this game for?

People who like building death trap dungeons.

People who like to share what they build with friends and random strangers.

People who like to raid dungeons and collect loot.

But building is the main bit.


So if anyone wants to journey to the lands of Opulencia, send me a friend request. I'm Melkathi ingame as well.






Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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As a small update:


There are a number of Cheese-tactics that quite a few players fall back onto when it comes to castle design. It can make for very "meh" play sessions after a certain level. Of these tactics some are worse than others.

Hopefully the devs will work on addressing that.

Until then, hopefully a lot of downvoting of those castles will bury them.

Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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