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Sup' people? I've been playing the Game of Thrones RPG and I stand corrected, it's been a way better experience than I thought I would get.

Still, I've a complaint about this unrelated game but that features massively what will be a good part of Pillars of Eternity: Politics. It truly and utterly bogged the game down because the subject was all around me and no matter what I did, I had to keep track of that in order to not get, well, too screwed up let's say.


That's the problem with the GoT universe in general, it reminds me way too much of real life and I can"t get the massive appeal the whole thing has to people. It's basically a medieval game of today politics, with the despicable human beings it attracts. I don't mind intelligent books or medium, I don't mind them tackling philosophical and religious matters, despite how much they can make people rage, according to their point of view. Hell, I even tend to seek them out. I loved Primordia for example. But when the whole thing is about making alliances, prevent betrayals and clawing your way to the top, no matter the morality or likeability, it's not only becoming boring, but annoying.


So, here is the point of this whole ranting: as I said, we know Pillars of Eternity will feature politics but where will it stand on the scale of utopia vs dystopia, of idealism vs cynicism? I know Obsidian favors dark settings and I'm cool with that but please, don't let the politics take over the adventure, the exploration and the characterization, despite how popular it became lately!


Ranting over, you may resume a normal activity.

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The devs have been saying that PoE is set during a golden age of progress and discovery. While I'm sure there'll be plenty of room for all kinds of interesting conundrums, ethical, political, and otherwise, it doesn't sound exactly dystopian or cynical to me.

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I don't think politics will be central to POE like it is to GOT but it will certainly be a theme and rightfully so.


"It's basically a medieval game of today politics"

You do know that back-stabbing politics is far from new to this century right? Check this guy out...




You could even say he was present during a golden age of discovery called the Renaissance. What Machiavelli did was refine what had been going on politically for centuries into an art-form.


But don't worry I'm sure POE will mainly be focusing on an adventuring party and its adventures.

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Politics will probably be in the background though. For instance racist policies might affect the party directly, or through quests, and the player might be able to affect those during completion of the quest. Also, I'd be surprised if the "high" politics of foreign policy won't have at least some impact seeing as the free palatinate has fought recent wars against both its neighbors. If that priest turns out to be a companion, expect to see issues if the party ever go to Redcreas (or meet someone from there), and Edair is unlikely to like/be liked by everyone thanks to being a veteran.

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