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Magic Priest  

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  1. 1. What do you think about possibility of playing a czharacter that can use both devine and mistical spells ?

    • I want new class.
    • I wan't to have possibility to play priest that knows mistical spells.
    • i What to be a wizard that knows pierst spells.
    • I don't like this idea.
    • I don't giva ... damn
    • other

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I what to know 1 thing.


What do you thing about Priest that are devoted to "Mystical magic gods" ...


It allways has weird to me that they can use fillplates and only have "some" of mistical spells.



What about priest/wizard crossovers..


So masters of spells, with no abilitis in fight and hp points.


The first that will die in a 1-20 lvl and the most powerfull in 30lvl beyond .. what do you think about adding possibility of playing this type of chars (useing both devine and mistical spells) ?





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