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Totally looking for beta testers for a game I totally made


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Hey, you! Yes you! The guy/girl reading this thread!


Do you own a PC/Mac/Linux Thing? Do you like RPGs? Do you like H.P. Loveraft? Horror genre? Adventure games?


Well, it just so happens that my team and I have been making an RPG-Adventure game over the past year or so, and we've been in beta testing for about... a while. We're just now waiting on all our VO to get in. When you are not paying anyone, people tend to take their time. It's not a Cthulhu Dating Sim. Don't listen to those that say it is.


Anyhow. The good news is that the gameplay is 99%. All of the functions and mechanics are in. Art is 99% (UIs and title). I just need a courageous band of brothers for the final round of beta. I also have a few rules that I would be giving you, some would be following X in the story and others Y. You get the idea.


Any takers?

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It roughly will take up an hour to an hour and a half of your time. The engine we are using is Ren'Py, a Python-based visual novel engine that has been gaining Steam on Greenlight. Do you see what I did there? Speedrunning it, I have been able to do the thing in fifteen minutes. 


Ren'Py is also known for dating sims, but once again, it is not a Cthulhu Dating Sim.

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Not Cthulhu Dating Sim, not interested.

If any of you steal my "Deep One Dating" idea, I will hunt you down.


On-Topic: I've found that my schedule is hectic at best, but would be willing to take a crack at it.

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I was going to participate before I saw the screenshots. Euw.

It can't be all bad if it has a Velociraptor bobsled team.

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