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Hello, everyone. I just wanted to post to let you know that we have increased the character count for some fields in the item survey. Item Appearance has been increased from 375 characters to 500 characters and Item History has been increased from 500 characters to 1,300 characters.


If you have already submitted your survey but want to change your Item Appearance or Item History, please let us know by emailing support@obsidian.net. We would be happy to change it for you.



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Will we be able to copy and past in these fields from and to the computer clipboard?

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Knowledge and harmony, an isometric universal path. May this be our next epic quest immortalized! Seek the crest where the fish and dragon meet…

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Guest Matt Sheets

Will we be able to copy and past in these fields from and to the computer clipboard?


Yes, you can copy and paste in the surveys.  The character limit will still be in effect when pasting into the survey.

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what is the point of a character limit in the surveys? I mean, those who need to post these things paid what I consider to be very much for the privilege, shouldn;t they be allowed to expound at length on their ideas? you can always say it's too much in feedback. But I'm sure those who backed these tiers don't mind a little feedback back and forth.


I mean, sure, you don't want people to deliver you Tolstoy, but is that what you expect?

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