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New Stretch Goals: What you'd pay for

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Even so, there are two things we know a lot of you have asked for: more wilderness areas and more companions. We would like to ask the community if you would be interested in new stretch goals to fund additional development.

Even so, there are two things we know a lot of you have asked for: more wilderness areas and more companions.


more wilderness areas and more companions.



That's what the stretch goals are. There's no variation in them. Exactly those. To reinforce the point:


It's for two very specific things: ... more wilderness areas and more companions.


We've never talked internally about just "adding stuff". It's always been about two things: wilderness areas and companions (and no more than 3). If we were just making "a game", I wouldn't suggest adding these things, but we're not making "a game", we're making something we proposed as an heir to established traditions. I think adding a modest number of wilderness areas and companions would make the game feel more Baldur's Gate-y (in a good way), and that's worth discussing.

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I'd like to have more endings, or more detailed endings, plus seperate endings for each character/hench like BG2 had, or instead you could even play a little quest as each of your companions which is telling how his life will go on after the game ends.


Plus more wilderness areas and companions. 

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@Ieldra: I'm guessing we're going to get info on that next week (the 8th of January) or on the one after that (15th). It's still holiday season, so dunno if Obsidian is working at full capacity. Even if they are, there's a certain holiday mindset and many people work more casual.

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If I were to choose between wilderness or companions I would pay for more wilderness. You could add more companions, but most of the time it doesn't affect the story. Started playing BG 1 recently, and I can't feel the difference between choosing a different companion. If companions would affect the story more then perhaps I would pay for more them.  

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More wilderness areas being fleshed out, given more background life, more mysteries, more lore.


Bring this world to life, much like the Forgotten Realms were brought to life by the numerous authors, content creators, etc.


Make sure the enemies are characterised perfectly, as an example I will always, and I mean always, recall Irenicus due to the great mysteries behind him throughout the game and the voice talent sure as hell didn't harm any matters - David Warner is just had a brilliant idea of portraying the character.


I'd love to pledge more just for the fact that the team seems to love Pillars of Eternity, so make sure to let them show it!

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Are there new stretch goals now, or are there not? Or are they still in discussion? I would hate to miss them...


A fellow BSN dweller, I see! :D (I have another name on those forums though).

OT: Yeah, companions and wilderness areas. Both sound good, especially if you can have all your potential companions chill out at the stronghold.

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If to pick between more wilderness and more companions, I'd pick wilderness.

That way the world will be bigger, better immersion i f done right, and more oppertunities for storys and lore.

Companions since we will be able to mod the game, I'd rather have modded companions that way I can have both :-) more official wilderness and modded companions...bam

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Well, you are true, and it is worth to remember this. But i guess this topic is just about dreaming, wondering, exchanging points of view and more. it's quite fun to read the people wishes, even if it's just for "the flavour".

Yep. Half of everything* on video game forums is about fans wishing and expressing their dreams and desires. 


Though it also wouldn't surprise me greatly if in announcing some new scheme to add these two new stretch goals, they included one or two other minor things as a sweetener.




*Approximation pulled out of my arse.

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