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Hello everyone!

I watched this video again, checked YouTube and then I was struck by lightning.

The smoke is still coming off my now bald head, but I just had to crawl to this forum and post this "idea" before I pass out from the pain. It is not really an idea, it's an ORDER. Repost this video on relevant forums across the web, share it on your Facebook pages, like it, Twitter it #PillarsofEternity (twitter link), and furthermore, SEARCH FOR PILLARS OF ETERNITY IN GOOGLE! Or click this link and this link and this link (these links link to google, in an attempt to bump relevancy).


Marketing. Not standard marketing. Community marketing. Fan marketing. People marketing. Underdog marketing. "Just get those views up"-Marketing. Find forums and share the news. Spread this video like wildfire.

If you've got a YouTube Channel, discuss it, upload videos and talk about it. Do everything in your power to up those views on it! Let's get this bad boy up to 500'000 views (It's at 180'000-ish views as I post this message).

Can we do it?

OF COURSE WE CAN! *insert "Yes we can!" logo* for Sparta Eir Glanfath!!!

Glhf ;)

P.S. we could spread this (Pledge site) too while we're at it ;)



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"One day you'll reach 1 million views video... one day"

I know it's a bit of a shameless necro and final bump here, but one last glance :p it'll still be in my signature... my bump has a reason though: Close thread?

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Let's wait 'till the game is released and we know it's good before we go around marketing it. If poe is good I'll do whatever it takes to get a sequel, but until I know for sure that poe is in fact a good game; I won't be advertising it.

"Good thing I don't heal my characters or they'd be really hurt." Is not something I should ever be thinking.


I use blue text when I'm being sarcastic.

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*cracks whip* Soldier!


Nah :p

That was a bit of a "heat of the moment" whilst writing the post. I remember laughing. It's a joke. As far as I am concerned you have your own free will and choices :)

I still would like to see the video hit 1 million views just to see what would happen.

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*reads all the legal documentation*... Whoa, *adjusts glasses*, according to this, it appears that Osvir, is in fact, and I quote, "not the boss of Volourn." I wasn't aware. :)

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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