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Backers Wasteland 2 download?

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Early Access for Wasteland 2 was only for particular tiers when pledging for Wasteland 2. I believe it was above $55 or something. Anyway, I doubt early access is part of the deal with Project Eternity.

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I've only found out about Kickstarter after WL2 has already been funded. Now I'll either just have it dangling in front of my face, or have to buy yet another copy for early access.

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I was just wondering when those backers that are due to receive the Wasteland 2 download are likely to have access to this as I note that it is now out on Steam? Thanks! :-)


p.s Keep up the great work, Pillars of Eternity is looking fantastic!

Wasteland 2 has not been released. What you see on steam is for Beta testing. Most Wasteland 2 backers don't have access to Beta and we don't. I'll be getting Wasteland 2 from my Torment: Tides of Numenera pledge which is made by the same studio developing Wasteland 2, inXile.....but that's later, when the game is actually released, and that's still a while off.

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