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Hello there,

Forgive me for the noobish question, I was kinda late to the game and only able to pledge via the slacker backer option until the new site went up. I've just upgraded from a slacker to one of the higher tier option and now the site is asking me to complete a survey.

I found that it was for the size of the T-Shirt you want and also having your name in the credit.

I am not sure of the protocol of the later. Am I meant to leave my real name or a gametag name?

If its meant to be free choice what are the limitation?

Lastly for anything else that have taken this survey, did you pick your real name or a nickname?

Sorry if the question sounds silly, I am chronically indecisive and have nightmare about making 'bad' choices on stuff that I can't change.


Thanks to anyone willing to provide any input. :)

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You can use any name you want, whether your real name or a childhood nickname or your forum name etc, as long as it wouldn't be deemed "offensive" or potentially libelous or something, if you know what I mean. Example: I use my forum member name.

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I just used my real name. If I backed a game I would rather be listed for it.

For me it was either my real name or my forum nick, but in the end I chose my real name. As long as Obsidian doesn't link the two publicly, nobody I know will be aware of just how much money I donated. :p

Exile in Torment



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I'm waffling as to using my real name or Ink Blot. My real name appears in the credits of one of Obs' other games (heh), which is pretty cool, so I've no real issues there I guess, but I'm still not sure what I'll do yet.

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