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Hello Obsidian, hi everyone,


I just created my backer account on the website and I saw that the game will be released on Steam and GOG.
That's good, a DRM free version.
But GOG doesn't support Linux versions of games.

So I was wondering, for the Linux players who want to play without DRM (is it just me? Hmmm, maybe...), could you please, dear Obsidian, sell your game on other DRM-free plateforms that support Linux versions, such as the Humble Store or Desura ?


Thanks for the answer and good luck for the game making!

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Patience, my friend, patience!


On the "order" page of the site a message "A to-be-announced platform for DRM-free distribution coming soon for Linux. Stay tuned!" is placed. I think it will not hurt to wait for a month or so before starting a riot provided Obsidian will change thier advertisement and will stop advertising GOG exclusively.

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You are not alone, friend.  One of the devs began a topic to collect some opinions on this some time back, and the discussion may yet be open.  At the time, it sounded like Obsidian was looking into a service called Desura for their DRM-free linux option, but humble bundle and even tarballs were discussed as well.


Personally, if only GOG could release a linux version, that'd be my ideal.  Humble Store agrees with me as well.  Barring those, I'd have to concede to getting it via Steam, as Steam will give me both the Windows and Linux versions, and their DRM doesn't make my blood boil so much as others.  I personally have no interest in Desura, as I'd almost certainly only be using it for the one game, and if it tanks, I'm screwed.

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