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Why Did Isometric 3D Rpgs Fall Out Of Vogue?

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why did isometric 3D rpgs fall out of vogue?

Darklands, Wasteland, Ultima, Dungeon Seige, Fallout, Planetscape: Torment all had one thing in common; they were isometric.


I suppose you could argue that as technology improved it was a natural progression to move to first person; however, I disagree, why weren't the advances in technology  applied to isometric 3D?

The usual suspect for that "fall from grace" is money, not some technological limitation, but lack of demand you can monetize. The change you see in the last years is the result of digital distribution and alternative funding(such as kickstarter). Which allowed the indie and mid size market to reemerge.


The move to 3D is the natural progression technologically, 3D engine such as the one we use in PE offers far more than than the 2D verity(tilesets). However, perspective is a design element that should play to strength of the genre e.g. Isometric or Topdown offers more for strategy/tactical and party based games, while first/third person are more immersive for games that relayed from your perspective.


So the reason for that fall from grace, is because action oriented RPGs are more appealing to most players(casual). Why? for the same reason that in most tv shows the episodes are loosely connected by a storyline. Yes some of us read the book, like to discus the plot in detail, RP etc, but it is a drop in the sea compared to those for whom its one hour episode in one week intervals.

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