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Spell scrolls, spell books and everything about spells and combat

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I searched around the forum but i didn't find it so i will post here.


How Spell learning will work ?


with scolls : you find or buy a spell and you lean it.  or with magic schools : depending of your level you can choose a spell from your school.


or ?? :)


Can we cast limited usable spells such as scrolls you put on your actions bar ?


How the magic combat wil work ?


is it base on a custom set of rules of turn by turn such as D&D with saving throws and ll the stuff.


or ??


Is the spells effect have time duration such hours or day or ??






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How Spell learning will work ?

depends on class see quote below for details (source):


Wizards learn a few spells every time they gain access to a new spell level. They must find the rest of the spells for each level in the world (stores or found grimoires). No matter how many spells a wizard knows, he or she can only have a subset of those spells available in a given grimoire at one time, meaning that the number of spells they can choose from at any given time is more limited than those of clerics or druids.


Clerics and druids gain access to all spells of a given level as soon as they are able to cast from that level, though their spell lists are smaller than those of wizards.


Chanters learn some phrases as they advance and can find additional phrases in the world. Ciphers choose individual powers as they advance.



Can we cast limited usable spells such as scrolls you put on your actions bar ?

There will be scrolls in Project Eternity, to use them in combat they must be equiped in a consumable slot.



How the magic combat wil work ?


is it base on a custom set of rules of turn by turn such as D&D with saving throws and ll the stuff.

I'm not sure what you mean, but the "normal" combat and "magical" comabt will work similiar. The spell's accuracy will be compared to one of the four defenses(Psyche, Reflexes, Deflection, Fortitude).After that, the attacker will roll a number between 1 and 100 to see if the attack hits, misses(no effect) , grazes(50% damge or duration) or critical hits(150% damage or duration). If you have a higher accuracy as the defender's defense you will hit more and if the defender's defense is higher you will miss more often. for more information see here.

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I will use this thread, title is good for my questions.


Magic classes like wizards after leveling are gaining new spells or new tier of spells, the problem is that after reaching higher levels, the majority of low level spells are less significant for player and it occurs even if spells effects are connected to character level. Of course high level spells/skills must be powerful in comparison to  low level spells, but in many cases the gap between those two in my opinion is too big!


I didn't find any solid info about spells systems for magic classes, and I have a few questions, maybe people better orientated in PE will answer. I understand that in PE we will have tiers for spells like in BG, and after leveling we will be able to add new spells or learn them form scrolls. Also there won't be round based system for casting, but there will be difference in time casting, depending on spell level.


1. Are spells in PE will be divided into individual magic schools, like evoking + skills increasing capability for  selected magic school?


2. What will be the impact of level of the character on the low level spells.


3. Will be possible to combine different spells effects to increase damage? 

(freezing + crushing, water + electrocute,  decreasing mental defenses of target + mind control spells, etc. )


4. Spells must be memorized before using like in IWD, BG series, if yes, then the only way for doing it will be resting?


5. Will it be possible to have minor selected spells for infinite use without any additional resting? This is more proposition than question, but it would be interesting to have such abilities for class which live depends on magic.


6. What will be maximum number for summoning creatures?


7. What types of magic items for wizards we will be able to craft?














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1)They said that you can buy talents, that specialize in different spell types.:


We intend to have Talents that allow you do that, if you choose. Some players may want to specialize in specific types of spells or make their general spellcasting abilities better, but other players can effectively upgrade their wizards' base implement and Blast capabilities.

E: To be clear, players who want to use their Talents to specialize in unorthodox things (e.g. a wizard who jabs people with a pike all day long) are free to do so as well.



(Josh Sawyer also mentioned Alteration school as an example for class specific talents, but this was just to explain what the differences between class specific and class neutral talents are (you can find the post here). So I'm not sure if we will have magic schools similiar to D&D magic schools)


3.) There are spells, that can decrease the defense of an enemy like (Soul Whip (Cipher)  and Divine Mark (Priest)). If the defense of the targeted defense is lower you will hit/crit more often.
4.) Priests and druids can cast all their spells as long as they have left spell uses for their spell level. (Sorcerer Style). Wizards can only cast those spells that are in in their active grimoire. They can change the grimoire/ spell list of a grimoire outside of combat. But if they change a grimoire during combat, wizards aren't able to cast a spell for a small amount of time. see qoutes below:

Priests, druids, and wizards all effectively have "sorcerer-style" cast X of Y level per-rest or per-encounter. If your wizard can cast four 3rd level spells per-rest and you cast Fireball and Noxious Burst (both 3rd level spells), it doesn't matter if you switch to another grimoire, you still only have two 3rd level spells left.


Yes. Wizard grimoires are a sort of magical capacitor that are constructed and partitioned in *~ special ~* ways. A single grimoire can only hold four spells of any given level. For any given spell level, wizards have potential access to more spells than any other caster class, but their access at any particular moment is always limited by their current grimoire. You can switch grimoires, but if you do it in combat, you will lose access to all of your spells for a small* amount of time.


* Long enough to make it risky, short enough to be a viable tactic in certain circumstances.

Chanters and Ciphers have different mechanics. for chanter see here and for cipher see update #65.

5.)  In P:e druids priests and wizards low level spell levels resets after you have won a battle. e.g. if you are a level 1 wizard you can cast 3 1st level spells and you need to rest to regain this spells, if you are a level 8 wizard you can cast 3 1st level spells per battle and you regain them after you have won the battle  see quote below. 

Yes, spellcasters have a mix of unlimited (at-will, to use a 4E term), per-encounter, and per-rest abilities.  Their most powerful spells are always their per-rest abilities, with lower-level spells eventually flipping over to per-encounter as they advance.
We have no "mana" or equivalent universal resources, though ciphers do have a Focus resource and monks have Wounds.

7)You can craft  food, drinks, potions, scrolls or figurines (which let you summon a creature that will fight for you) and you can add/upgrade properties of equipment.

Most recipes won't make new equipment, but they will only add/upgrade properties to an existing item.

There are also implements(magical missile weapons like rods) and useable equipment with per encounter/per rest spells/abillities.

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