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Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls - new expansion

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Has the Legendary drop rate truly improved significantly on the PC version since release? I know they say it has, but in action how noticeable is it? I had all kinds of toons (most up to at least lvl 40) way back then and I farmed/grinded with a 60 a fair bit and only had maybe 6-8 drop over 2-3 months and all those chrs.



It  was doubled (for Inferno) at some point. And then there's the MF bonuses from MP-levels. It's not a huge difference, until you start having more paragon levels.

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Damn, the drop rates in the console version are really high. I just finished playing through normal, got about 20 legendaries, and two legendary plans. I wonder if these are the same rates they're planning to add to the PC version.


I've stumbled upon a plan for a legendary bow and a legendary shield.  I've yet to use the plans though, so I don't know how the created items would compare to my current gear.


I got the plans for the Cain's Fate -set, which gives +30% exp for 3 items. Quite useful. I also got Leoric's Ring, so I level up pretty fast.

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Playing hardcore character was being totally dependent on AH. It really wasn't fun. 


This is completely 100% not true at all.

That you need to use the AH to play D3 is a myth and this includes hardcore.

I have been playing self found hardcore since the first week of Diablo 3 (admittedly with a pretty big break inbetween now and then) and I have 4 living lvl 60s (barb, monk, wiz and dh). Most of them leveled to 60 in patches long gone when the game was significantly harder than it is now.

My main is a paragon level 22 (most of the time was spent playing before paragon levels were introduced) barb that I play in mlvl 2.


Looking at my gear its pretty bad by normal standards but it really goes to show that the AH is not a neccessity to play the game.




You're right or half right. Looking at your wizard build I can say "Either you depend on AH or you depend on highly defensive build". Well, you're probably more than half right. I now have made myself a new hardcore character and it was a lot easier that it used to be. The buffs to multiplayer are really nice.

This post is not to be enjoyed, discussed, or referenced on company time.

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I play super defensive (which is why I have not lost a character yet) but I would'nt do any major analysis of the builds/gear on my non barb characters since I haven't really spent any real time in inferno with them (just dumping them gear I found on my barb)

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