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The difficulty of the game

difficulty combat tactics strategies gameplay

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Which is why the Cleric or Wizard should always have "Magic Weapon" Memorized at low levels. That and the fact it is a very useful buff.

This reasoning is why the Allip is rated at CR 3. Personally though I find it very troubling that the game is balanced around the assumption that the party will have spellcasters (see also diseases that can only be magically healed, locks that can only be magically picked...).

As long as the allip doesn't block the main quest this still would be okay. Even a magical disease could be made managable by making sure the contagion can happen only in a small area with a priest NPC nearby who offers healing. Also scrolls and wands could substitute for abilities missing in the group (in a RPG system where most classes could use them).

Generally I find it acceptable that a game doesn't guarantee that you can see every corner and solve every quest if you try out unusual combinations. As long as those quests and corners can be counted on one hand.

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Yeah, I like that. I don't know what else I can add to this idea. I don't think fire elementals require oxygen since they draw their flame directly from the elemental plane of fire, but I get the gist of the overall idea :D It would be too much work though, since this isn't a point-and-click adventure game where you have to find extreme methods of dealing with situations. Other than that, yes to everything.

P.S. You can actually burn fire ;d it creates plasma. (it's not that simple, of course, but the idea is the same)

Maybe the Elemental Plane of Fire is ill-named, and should be called the Elemental Plane of Combustible Gases? :)

Nah, it was just an interesting thought, of how a witty person might use fire to combat living fire, in a given situation. As I said, I don't at all recommend that they try to implement that scenario into P:E. At least, not in unscripted, open-combat form. That would require an oxygen/breathability tracking system for every space in which combat could take place and flames could occur. Pretty much only suited for PnP games, really.

As for the plasma, I was not aware of that. You learn something new every day, ^_^


you don't actually create plasma by using lesser heat on fire, heat creates an equilibrium, so to make fire a plasma you'd have to have something much hotter than what it would take to make fire into a plasma, then when they equalize you'd have 2 substances that are hot enough to make fire go plasma.


and the problem with your scenario with the fire elemental is flash fire stuff.  basically when you reintroduce oxygen to the room to fight the elemental it will return to full strength, though if it was a molten creature then the lack of oxygen wouldn't affect it, as you aren't depriving the room of heat (in fact you are adding to it).  though the general idea you are going towards is good (water for the most part snuffs fire by starving it of oxygen), so anything that suffocates should be extra effective.



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I wanted to talk about the difficulty of P:E. I skimmed the first few pages and couldn't find a topic about it, so I decided to create one. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but here we go:

I've been replaying DA:O on nightmare and couldn't help but notice how easy it is. When I played it for the first time I found it was more difficult than other games this generation, but that feeling went away when I got used to the mechanics. Now I just wail on the enemies and wait for them to die. That's not good combat.

I know Obsidian is trying to capture the IE games, but those weren't *hard* per se, just obnoxiously luck based. I want to use tactics and all tools I have at my disposal. You should be punished for memorizing only damaging spells on your mage etc. The question is: How badly should you be punished? How difficult should the game be? How different should the experience be between normal and hard? How do you define difficulty in RPG's in general? Should anything be designed around luck?

I have no idea where to even begin answering those questions, so I'll refrain from having an opinion before I read some of yours.

DA:O combat was easy. Part of the symptom was that it only ever had, what, three enemy classes? Ranged archer, mage-type, and melee grunt. That's it. And then the actual skillsets each of those classes used were quite small.


Contrast this with fighting a party of enemies in the IE style: Mage, fighter, cleric, stealthy thief, ranged fighter, maybe a druid. Then the collection of skills each of those classes possess. Yes, AI has a lot to do with it (and luck), but DA:O was less technical in the sense of variety. Sure, you had MMO-style LOS, but that's no big deal.


And you didn't find threads about game difficulty in the first few pages because that was discussed back in 2012:


Look for the quotes by the dev Bobby Null.


That said, we have details on specific options for the hardmodes. http://eternity.gamepedia.com/Mode

And you can turn specific things on and off.

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