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"Stealth" or "Guerilla Warfare"

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with that whole clothing thing and climbing in trees thing you could do the whole blend into a wall thing.  get the right clothes and click on a wall and your character disappears into the wall, when people start looking for you they just see the wall until they notice its you (big bonus to stealth, in exchange for being stationary).  it would work the same for having camo and being in a bush (a more rl example), enemies being completely unaware of your existence until your spotted via high enough ticks.  normally have a threshold where they don't care up to some fraction of ticks (like half or 3/4 or something), but if you are 'blended' then that is removed or raised significantly and you generate less ticks.


as for being prone, maybe crossbows while being inferior on a damage per shot+reload rotation next to a bow, might be able to be shot from the prone position giving massive bonuses both offensively and defensively (at least against ranged).  also while in a tree you can't really have proper posture so bows should take an accuracy penalty, while crossbows wouldn't.  stuff like that would really make crossbows a good alternative to bows without the need for a feat to 'level the playing field' (like rapid reload).


a quest where you have to kill someone you could get some special clothes and a crossbow then wait for him to show up, then take a shot with his guards around him and get a backstab bonus instantly killing him, then the guards would run around trying to find out where you are and you can lie still while the rest of the party attacks the guards nearby, causing them to all run over there, then you can sneak away or start attacking them from behind.

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I can't guarantee that you'll be able to "ghost" areas in PE, but if you build a party with the Stealth skill as a focus, you may be able to circumvent a lot of encounters if you so choose.  If you dabble in Stealth, you will probably wind up using it more for combat positioning.


While rogues do have a bonus to Stealth, so do several other classes, and no class has an inherent penalty to sneaking.  It will be quite possible for you to keep your entire party close in overall Stealth values if you choose to focus on that skill.


I like this.  


Will we have any UI based indication of our safe stealthing range?  Or will you try to provide some contextual clues, while not totally giving us this information?

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